Back in the day, IT services were a lot more expensive and providers did not always offer the most reliable service. We have a different approach: honesty and professionalism, and a personal approach to each client.

We like to build a long lasting relationship that will benefit both parties for years to come, and it’s still like that today. We have customers who we’ve been servicing for over 20 years and the list continues to grow. Technical knowledge and reasonable rates, along with high availability, is what clients enjoy. These days, there are fewer IT shops than in the past and it’s critical that clients receive the best guidance and direction in today’s IT challenges.

What makes us different?

Cost, experience, and value. A customer will always receive the best service and advice regardless of if it benefits QuickNet. With a wide range of customer base, we offer a unique experience and in-depth knowledge of today’s ever-evolving Information Technology.

What cities/regions do we serve?

We serve mostly South Bay, East Best, Peninsula, and up to South San Francisco. Those are the places where we visit clients but remotely provided services are limitless. We have clients in Austin, TX, Nevada and Southern California.

How many projects/jobs have we completed in the past?

Over a period of 23 years we have completed over 20,000 projects.

Do you have any partners?

Some of the companies that we are MSP’s for include Dell, Microsoft, Sophos, ESET, Webroot, GFI, Kaspersky, Vipre. In addition, our clients range from various industries including the following: financial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, metal recycling, civil engineering, and private practices to name a few.

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